Aaron Ligon

aaron ligon


Aaron Ligon is a ceramic artist in Charlotte, NC.  Aaron maintains a studio at home, and also at Clayworks in Charlotte, one of the largest non-profit ceramic arts education centers in the US.

Aaron’s current work is in two clay bodies: (1) Earthenware is a richly colored, common type of ceramic that is thrown (sculpted or formed using a wheel), refined, glazed and fired to cone 5/6 (about 2,200 Fahrenheit). (2) Porcelain is a white translucent clay perfected in 9th century China and introduced in western culture in the 1700’s. These porcelain works are fired in a downdraft reduction kiln to cone 10, about 2,350 Fahrenheit, a multi day process, or in an oxidation electric kiln.

Most of Aaron’s ceramics are wheel-thrown, and then carved through, and/or carved into on the surface.  A variety of glazed and surface treatments are employed.  All finished pieces are fully vitrified (therefore impervious to liquids) and glazes are non-toxic.