Request the Mobile Studio


Community Impact Programs

Clayworks Mobile Studio brings a hands-on-clay experience to you! You supply the venue, tables with chairs and access to water and we bring the rest.

Who can request the Mobile Studio?  

We partner with many types of organizations within Mecklenburg County including local private and public schools, after-school programs, summer camps, senior centers, other arts organizations, local non-profits and day-care centers.


How does it work?

  • Contact the Community Impact Coordinator to plan the program (the dates, time, number of people and the project).
  • Clayworks Mobile Studio and teaching artists will arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled program to begin setting up. They will bring tablecloths, materials, and supplies needed for the lesson.
  • You provide the space, table and chairs, access to water and a staff member to be present and engaged with the participants.
  • Our teaching artist will lead a lesson on how to create the chosen project using the basic techniques of building with clay along with ways to make the project uniquely theirs.
  • Completed projects will be brought back to Clayworks to be fired, glazed and packed for return.
  • We will deliver finished artwork back to your location about 3 weeks after the program. 


What are the program options?

Hands-on-Clay Workshop:  One time class using hand building techniques and taught by Clayworks teaching artists.

Hands-on--Clay Residency:  A series of 3 or more workshops with the same participants using hand building techniques and taught by Clayworks teaching artists.


How do I schedule a program?

Contact Susan Hughes, Community Impact Coordinator, with the following:  

  • Your name and title along with the name of your organization
  • Your request of either a workshop or residency
  • The requested date and time of day for the program
  • The number of participants and their age ranges
  • Please share a little about why you would like us to come to your organization and your budget

What is the length of a program and when?  

Most workshops are 1.5 hours long but can be catered to fit the needs of your organization. The mobile clay studio can be scheduled Monday – Sunday; mornings, afternoons or evenings.


How much does it cost?

The price of a workshop or residency will depend on several factors. Please contact the Community Impact Coordinator for pricing by answering the questions above.